FMPC Services has always taken pride in observing client's right to keeping private data private.

General Data Protection Regulation is a new law taking hold from the 25th May 2018. To comply with this complex regulation a clarification is due on what data is collected, how it is used and what can you do with it.

What data do we collect?

We don't buy any data and thus everything we hold is the information that was given to us by you - the client.

That data is your and/or your company name, your address, phone/fax numbers, emails.

We may store relevant information like login names and passwords for services setup for you and/or worked on for you.

If relevant to the job done we may store your DOB and security questions/answers which were needed to setup any requested services for you.

We may store bulk backup data from your IT tech, which was recovered during a job from failing equipment.

We do not store any bank card details and those are destroyed once the task in hand is completed.

What is happening to that data?

Just as we don't buy, we also don't sell any data to any third parties.

We use your data only as means for completing a job requested by you or to inform you of any relevant advisory information.

The only time when strictly relevant data may be shared with a third party is when there is a need to have a delivery made to you or to subscribe to a service that you have requested as part of a job in hand.

Your data will be voluntary given up if requested by competent governing and policing bodies of the UK & similar organisation to which FMPC has a legal obligation.

Your data is stored in a secure encrypted way.

We don't send any marketing message, so your data won't be used for that.

Recovered data that was temporary stored in FMPC store normally gets deleted after a month after a copy of it was returned to the client or immediately if safe receipt was confirmed or deletion requested.

Out client contact list gets regularly cleaned of outdated information. Old information get removed after 6 years since the last contact was made.

You can always request a granular report on the data that is kept on you by FMPC and request its removal.

There are exceptions to this rule when FMPC is legally required to hold some personally identifiable data inside old receipts, invoices and similar records. Such data cannot be removed but neither would it be used beyond its immediate lawful purpose.