The story...


The FMPC had came to be in 2003. It started as Fix My PC but soon this became an incomplete description for a place to fix PCs, Apple Macs and even exotic penguins (Linux). As sands of time kept slipping thought the hourglass, Fix My PC became FMPC Services.


Time never stands still and the range of services keeps changing. WiFi, Smart phones, tablets, home entertainment systems, video on demand, Voice over IP, CCTV in addition to the usual viral software removal and hardware repairs became a norm for home users. Business users demand larger premises that house dozens of people, all linked up to fast internet access with terabytes of data shared across local and remote access users. Work from home may not be blessing for most people but if demand exists it will be provided via secure VPN and SSL protected links. Virtual offices from Microsoft 365 and Google Apps are on offer with day-to-day user management and and assistance when hardware and software malfunctions. FMPC has never shied away from work that may not strictly be IT work but if it is something that can be done well – it will be done well!


All our clients have made informed decisions on their backup strategies and disaster recovery options. Those who choose to play the Russian roulette are welcome to do so and if they do hit the wrong barrel FMPC provides in-house data recovery and for severe cases out-sourced solutions with data recovery houses who do nothing else but the recovery. Yes, it is always much cheaper to make a backup but some people learn too late.


It is not practical to list the full range of solutions, services and often simple free but invaluable advice saves a lot of headache to our clients. For many, FMPC is no longer a doctor you would call when you are sick, FMPC is the doctor you call to have a chat with when you feel well!